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Created 12-May-21
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Back in 2010 I wore a red mask at a football game that occurred a couple of nights before Halloween. The Drum Major at the time, Katlyn, begged and begged me to let her wear it. I finally broke down and allowed her to wear it for a short time. Little did I know what I had started. From then until the 2021-22 school year all of the Drum Majors for the Decatur High School Band have donned the mask, usually at a game near Halloween.

Here's the list (year denotes Fall marching season):

2009-2011 Katlyn
2012 Jonathan
2013 Leslie
2014 Skyler
2015 Rene
2016 Skylar (#2)
2017-2018 Allison
2019-2020 Jamar
2021 Josh

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